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October 28, 2013



Thanks Joyce!!!!!!! I will be updating this ALOT!


Maureen...Harbor Freight is a tool store for men. That is the actual name so maybe if you google it you can find where one is located...or I think they have a website and you can order. it was only $20 and sooooo worth it!!!! I LOVE it!! It holds so much!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't mind having another, i just don't have the table space for it. Someday, when I have a sewing studio again...right now I'm in a corner in my master which thankfully is HUGE!


How do I find your great storage caddy ? Im not familiar with harbor Freight ?


Just added your blog to my Bloglovin feed so I won't have to rely on seeing it on Facebook!
I love all the deer - I have a few of those myself that were given to me by my grandmother years and years ago. Way cool!

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