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April 08, 2011


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I wish that Friday night be more easy for me, but unfortunately I come from work and start working home, you know all that stuff that you have to deal household things. I do that cause I want to have my weekend free and enjoy being with my family and whatever we like.


HI Nicloe!
I totaly know what you mean about the cold weather and really feeling that bite, i'm in UK, so you would go to pieces here in winter i think lol!
It's really warm and sunny here now ,thank goodness!
I will send some your way for you and those baseball games!
Michelle forgot to send me the little card you sent with 'Lucy & Lloyd' i got it friday morning in the post, SO CUTE!
I have it here on our mantel, everyone can't help but stop and pick it up for a look hehe!
Love the doll with glasses :-)
Keep up the awsome work, and hope that sun gets to you!
Love from UK!
Gav x


Hi Pattie!
Thanks for commenting! I'm sure your dolls are super cute! And don't gets easier the more you make! I can remember way back when I couldn't make a dress.....i remember calling my friend Marcie and she was laughing! And if I was tired, I couldn't stitch faces...LOL don't know why, I'd just mess up or keep poking myself. Now I do it in my sleep! About Missy's patterns....I'm going to keep bugging her! Or steal them from her! LOL if/when she releases them, I will be sure to announce on my blog and facebook!


Chicago weather is nasty right now too! LOVE your new dolls!! I love all your patterns and I love the patterns you said were from your friend Missy, I actually went to her blog and emailed her about her old doll patterns and said I loved the ones I had seen so far on your site and was wondering if she was going to put them out for sale again anytime in the near future but I never heard back from her...I love all of your patterns, hopefully I will be able to buy more in the future. I'm new at doll making and still find it kinda hard, especially the faces but I really do want to make dolls though, just need more practice I guess....


ha ha ha! Nope....he's out of town this week. and next week and possibly the week after. :(

Angela Prince-Bex

I hate being cold like that also. Dont you have someone to keep your feeties warm?? :o) Love the new dollies.

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