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January 07, 2010



I love your music. I enjoy visting your site and listening to your music.


I'm jealous of your bowls. But I still love ya! xoxo
and actually now that I think about it... I'm more jealous of that other girls bowls... and I'm kinda laughing at your little collection! LOL! love ya!!


They are great bowls...I wonder how many is too many?


Nie Nie has ALOT of bowls!! Wow I saw they but you are correct they are lovely! Telly Yummy boyfriend you need more. Okay so try this frap, Okay you ready? Write this down;
French Vanilla Frap, Cream base with a HINT of coffee and whip cream on top.....I am SURE if there is a coffee bar in Heaven , they will serve this for sure! Enjoy and let me know how you like! ;0)

Oh I love that song Beautiful Mess, my hubby sings that to me!!! LOVE IT!

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