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October 03, 2009


Brenda Gipson

I just became a fan on facebook


I get the updates too! I also have you on my favorites list on my blog so usually I get that update first(-:
Love your new dolls and I love the bigger pictures too!!!!(-: I am working on getting my Halloween stuff out this weekend(-:
Yay for Fall!!!!(-: Have a great time at the Truck Show!!!

Lisa Lentini

Love the new bigger photos. You can see some of the amazing details now. Yes, the updates still come. It can be a busy time of year for folks though. Don't get discouraged. Your dollies are the cutest. Can't believe your ex is doing that. Sending some strength your way.


ps- I have to ask where do you find the red hair yarn that looks like Red Vine candy twists? I love that!


Here I is. And I do miss your posts! Had to close the windows the other night- it was chilly. Fall has fallen in our neighborhood :O) Cooler nights mean snuggling :O)

I haven't rcv'd any updates? Didn't know you were making updates? Are you? Cuz I ain't gettin' them? *blush*
Checked out the website - the bigger looks nice! Your Annies are cutie patooteys and I will own one someday! I love the Grace Anne the Witch one! *chuckles*

I have a facebook! I'll ask to friend ya! Hugs! Keep those Ann's coming! Hugs!

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