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June 17, 2009



losing the sewing room oh the horror of it all LOL LOL I have drooled over that room for over a yr lol hopeing to have just a glimer of that beautiful room in my space lol, wishing oyu the best that life has to offer


Nicole, I'm so happy for you. You sound so very happy and that's great.


Glad to see you are getting settled!


HI nicole, congrads on the new house and im' so happy to hear you are happy! The new bf is adorable btw :)


Nicole, it's so great to see you getting settled, so many changes for you :) I am glad you are so happy, you deserve the best!!!

Alex Duenkel

Hi, Nicole! I finally started working on Dotty and her dog, although-my girls and I have made lots of dogs- and so I have visited your site lots of time this week- just looking at your dolls! But I wanted to say it's great to "read" that you are doing well. So happy for you!
I hope to finish my Dotty this weekend- It's pouring again in Virginia- and I would love to share pictures with you.
Have a great weekend!
Alex Duenkel


Ha - you have unpacked from your move, and I haven't even STARTED unpacking my sewing room from the fire! LOL! Well, I've pulled stuff out of boxes to work on, but...

It makes my heart *so* happy to know that you are doing so well! Sounds like life is just as it should be :oD


I am so happy You and Christopher are happy! That is the main thing! Everything else will work out just fine!(-: Thanks for keeping us posted!!! Have fun sewing!!!


Woohoo- So exciting to see you getting settled in. I spy Annie patterns. Schweet! Your sewing room is looking great! Lookit all that fabric! Wowie! I bet you have been itching to get back into sewing. I have serious withdraws if I go more than a couple of days without sewing! It's bad hahaha! The boys look like they're having a great time! I didn't know you inherited 2 more. I bet C loves that! And Mr. Yummy looks so happy- which makes YOU happy and that makes ME happy for YOU all! (say that 3 times fast) haha! You so deserve it hun! *claps* Well dearie- I"m glad you checked into BlogLand. Glad you've moved and settled in nicely! Happy reating! Keep Smiling! Hugs!!

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