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June 01, 2009



You are inspiration to so many others . . . the joy of your spirit shines through in your writing and your dolls. By the way . . . they are just the cutest little darlings. Good luck with the ice cream and cast. I can come at noon and help unpack the sewing room, how long do you think it will take from AZ?


Good luck in your new place - can't wait to see your new sewing room. Happy days!! Dee


Best wishes for a quick transition, and fast settling into the new home and new routine, Nicole!! Hugs, Trudy


Yayyy! Welcome to your new Home hun! How exciting! Def. take pics of your Sewing Room when you have a a chance!
Hugs- glad you made it to our neck of woods *winks*


Darn exes...

So glad you're moved - I hope you get settled in quickly, and back to a somewhat normal routine :o)

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