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June 10, 2009



Yay! I know you are so excited about your new home! Nothing like a new house for a fresh start. Good Luck with getting unpacked and straightend out!


So the front loader take longer to wash? THAT I did not know! I had always planned to buy them my next time out but who wants longer washes though.

Glad the actual move is out of the way.


Yippy Skippy Girfriend- It's official..... you're officially BACK in the neighborhood! How exciting! Wow- that's a big truck- you must have had a LOT of stuff to move- oh yeah you had BC's stuff to move too. I know what you mean about not having the internet. I do most of my stuff on the internet since I don't do phones. (I'm deaf- lip-read and speak well- you'd never know if I didn't tell ya *winks*) so my main avenue of communications is via the internet. Well Nicole and Co. you did it! *claps* Get to unpacking, settle in and come out an play! Oh- I'd like your addy so I can send you a card not and then k-!

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