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February 04, 2009


Susan Ramey Cleveland

I would love to have Bitter Bonnie come to live at my house. I'll bet we turn her into Blissful Bonnie in no time. Please put my name in the hat.

Deniese C.

Hi - it's good to see you back! I'd love to win Valentine Bitter Bonnie - how precious! Happy Valentine's Day!


I have a couple of your dolls. Love them! And I need a Bitter Bonnie for those days, ya know! lol Happy Valentines Day!


Hi - good to see you back! I'd love to win Valentine Bitter Bonnie - she's precious! Happy Valentine's Day to you!


I love your blog--I have 2 of your patterns and have made many Annies. I'd love to be in your give away.


tee hee!! A cutie for sure! :O)
I've posted a shout out on my blog about your sweet give-away! May I have permission to use the image on my blog? I can remove it- if you say so- no hard feelings!
Hugs & sure miss you! I think of you often! Happy Sewing!!! Ho to "C"!

Cathy Liginski

I love her unibrow! Maybe a pair of tweezers would make her happy!


Hi Nicole~ It must be in the air. I am having a hard time jumping back in the swing of things since moving back to San Diego. Hang in there the sun will be shining soon. Love the dollie. She is a cutie as usual.

Patricia Maldonado

Your dolls are so Inspiring, and Not to Mention the cutest!! Thank you for Making it so easy to "Create" these Annies! I've had my Eye on Bitter Annie...she reminds me of me..haha..sometimes! Wishing you Big Boxes of Chocolates this Valentines Day!

Lisa D.

I really love Valentine's Day too, and would love to welcome Bitter Bonnie into my home - she is adorable!

Ruth Wright

I love reading about whats going on in your life! Your annies are my favorite and the bitter ones, well, we all have some of those days so they are even cuter than ever!! Keep up the great work! Ruth Wright :)

martha brown

I'm a Kindergarten teacher -- Valentines day is so fun!!!! My annie is lonely here -- she needs a friend!


Oh, Bitter Bonnie is so sweet!! She just needs a hug!

Angela Yosten

YEAH!!!! Love your Annies... there is a perfect spot for this little bitter bonnie in her new home ;)

Laura Lynn

Hi Nicole! I know what you mean, I've been a bad blogger myself. I'd love to be added to your give away!

I simply LOVE my Raggedy Ole Annie and she sits atop my work table leaning against one of the few bears of my own that I've kept.


You know, Valentine's Day was always my favorite growing up, but since I was 17, I've worked nearly every single one lol! I walked around downtown Memphis delivering flowers in the rain that first year. Fun, huh lol! Since then I've either worked for a restaurant or a delivery service, so V Day was long and painful. I can't tell you how thrilled I am that this year I'm a full time mommy and can spend my day with my family! I think I might actually make them cards this year, too....!



I so LOVE your dolls, they are my babies!! Not sure how Valentine's Day will be for me this year, but I love the romantic decor of the season.



would love to win her!! She would look so cute in my daughters room taht I am re-decorating!!! Please pick me! pretty please:)

Alice Isenbart

Hi Nicole! So glad to see you back in blogland. Hope your trip to see your friend Missy was fun. I remember going off on trips only to have my every thought on my children and missing them...I couldn't wait to get home! Go I would love to be entered in your giveaway! Are you kidding? I drool over your dolls every time I visit your site!! Thank you for your generosity!


Bitter Bonnie made me laugh when I saw her pic! She looks like me in the morning HAAH!! I'd love to enter the giveaway! Thanks so much for the nice offer!

Happy Valentines Day!


Karen F.

So sweet! Count me in you know I love your dollies!Hope you will have a creative spark soon who knows maybe thats what cupid will hit you with this year!
Blessings, Karen


Oh how I love your dolls - hope the mailman brings one to my front door.

Sandy Jean

I have 2 of your precious Raggedy's sitting in my office (they are always a topic of conversation!) and they could use a friend. I know that Bitter Bonnie would fit right in!
Blessings, Sandy


Awe...I know what you mean about Valentine's Day! Great idea to share the love with this giveaway! Please add my name...I love your dolls! Thank you! And Happy Valentine's Day! :0)


Yay, you're back. Oh Bitter Bonnie, how I heart you! Happy Vaentines Day!


Love your dollies. I have several of your doll patterns in my "stash" too. Made bunches of them in the past.

Did I mention.... I LOVE your dolls??? lol




I would just love to be in your give away. I love the doll. I love your blog.


Love your dolls and would love to win one!

Becky Harr

Love the Bitter Bonnie, and I love your blog! I check it out daily. All of your Bitter Bonnies always bring a smile to my face :)


Geez, it's about time woman! Checking your blog is like one of my daily rituals online.You are darn tootin your little one is a cutie pie!Just wanted to say glad your back and Jilly saw your doll and told me "your friends are so talented",shes got that right,your awesome Nicole!!


I love your doll so please add me to your giveaway list(-: For me I need to be in a creative mood to do anything creative. Some times I go for weeks without doing anything then I will get on a roll. Have a great evening! Cindee

Debie Trotti

Bitter Bonnie is so cute. I love her angry little brow! I think that you are a great blogger. I wish I blogged a little more often. I always have good intentions. Thanks for having a great blog!

Lisa Lentini

You are always so kind. What a nice giveaway. Love your dolls! Going over to your site to check out your new ones :)

Sue Coover

Your dolls are so cute...but you have actually made a doll for my daughter Vanessa...she is so much Bitter Bonnie....I have made this doll so much and laugh everytime I make it and have my Daughter Vanessa so mad at me, but thank you for making such a wonderful, and delightful pattern...I will send you a pic of my daughter...she is beautiful...but so Bitte Bonnie...LOL.... Happy Valentines Day!!!! Sue

Bonita Pearson

Love your blog!! There is always something going on in your life.
I would really like to have Bitter Bonnie come live with me and my Annie.



She is adorable. Our adopted teenage daughter collects dolls she would love it. I love popping in to see what you are up to on your blog.

Ann Hudson

Yep, Valentines is just not the same for the kids (and Moms :-D) in mid/school. My girl is 14 now, she still likes to give out candy on V-DAY to her friends. I'd love a Bitter Bonnie to join my other Raggedy dolls - I just love her expression! Best, Ani

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