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February 04, 2009


Kim Brown

You didn't announce the winner today, does this mean I'm the winner???? LOL


I love her! Glad to have you back!


I love your dolls, mine has a place of honor on my featherweight. I'd love to be included. Thank you for hosting the giveaway.

Connie W

Just read your's some bloggy love! Connie W

Sherry Wescott

Oh yeah!! I'd love to enter your giveaway if I'm not to late!

Thanks for the chance!

Jessica M.

I love your beautiful dolls!!

Lolly Busey

What a fantastic doll! Fingers crossed!



holy **** is it too late?! i really didn't swear:) as always you have the most darling dollies!


There 'snow doubt I want you to be my valentine. :D I found some fun vintage valentines for inspiration.
Here's another one:

I would love a chance to win that cutie.


I just love your little Annie dolls. They always bring a smile to my face.


I would love to have her...I was just lamenting my lack of valentines decor....she would be lovely on my piano by the front greet visitors with her smirk!!! But mostly I wanted to say hi!! Hope you are hanging in there!


Grace P

She is so precious! She reminds me of "me" Bitter Grace! LOL! No Valentine's this year boo hoo... Love your Annies. Grace


Love your blog ,Love the Doll,and I love looking at the pictures of your sewing room.

Kim Black

She sure is a cutie to be bitter!


Mel Seigfried

Oh she is adorable! I feel like Bitter Bonnie. haha! Great work as always Miss Nicole! Have a great day!

Kaitlin Cuartes

Dear Nicole, Just stopping by to show some Blog love....Love your dolls, they are so sweet...This Valintines Raggedy, is just perfect, for a raggedy lover such as myself.

trisha eastburn

love your dolls! they are so unique, each one with a different personality! love your blog, I visit your store and drool often. my granddaughters would love bitter bonnie, but I'd have to keep her here for them to visit


i have been a fan for years...i love your little Raggedy's! i would LOVE to win this little sweet one!

Sachia Willis

Hi there friend-

I say friend because you have made it through three rounds of dealing with my mother :). She is purchasing a doll from you (custom order) for my daughter and I am scared to even hear details. Word of advice, don't be afraid to tell her no if she gets too "creative" with her requests. Very excited to have her be the featured gift at my daughters first b-day (theme is raggedy ann). We love your dollies. xoxo



Oh my she is so darn cute.. please pick me!! I would love to own one of your sweet babies ;)


Bonnie told me she isn't bitter, just misunderstood. Since we speak the same language, maybe she should come live with me, hmmm? You've been missed!


yep, middle school boys are so blah about Valentines....girls still giggly and hoping Mr. you-know-how will give them a little card or something......gee I don't think the boys ever change! Oh well!!

Susan N

Often times I click on your Etsy Shop and the dolls I want are already sold :( I would love to win Bitter Bonnie and give her a warm and loving home. I have to say I enjoy your music as I am reading your blog. Thanks.


Bitter Bonnie is a cutie!!


You know I'm a huge fan of all your dollys! Hope you're having a great week!



Hi Nicole! It's my dream to own one of your gorgeous dolls some day. It's only the crummy exchange rate holding me back at the moment!
I'm so glad you enjoy making them because they are just beautiful.


Hi Nicole, I'm glad you're back to posting! I have wanted a Bitter Bonnie since I got my first Annie from you, but alas the pennies don't stretch that far just now. Yippee for the giveaway! I've got my Annie posing in a display of Moda's Hello Betty fabric collection in my quilt shop and everyone wants to buy her! I just give them your website and tell them to get their own! Hopefully, you'll get some orders!


Hey Nicole
Love your patterns I got recently. Glad to see you!



I love your dolls and would love to have bitter bonnie to give to my daughter, who is in the middle of a divorce (very sad). This doll is so adorable I think it will make her smile when she looks at her. Her facial expression just strikes you. Her expression is so interesting,creative and I think comforting. I think my daughter would love her.

Alex Duenkel

Hi, Nicole! If Bonnie comes to live with us in Leesburg, VA, we promise to love her and welcome her into our family. My daughter, Hanna and Victoria will make sure she has a place at the tea table right next to their favorite American Girls. And I will remind her that her "mommy" is a very talented lady.
I enjoy your blog so much... the music makes me happy!
Have a wonderful weekend!


oh my she is just adorable!!!!
glad to see you back...


Glad you're back! I've been missing my daily read at your fun blog. I love all your dolls and have several patterns. Keep up the great work and I can't wait for your next post. And if Annie gets to travel to Hawaii, she's going to make me giggle and be inspired!


Happy early Valentines day! But I kind of feel sorry for poor Bitter Valentine Annie - she looks so mad it makes me sad! Maybe she needs some extra special love from me?

Debbie Vierkant

Hi, Nicole! Bitter Bonnie is adorable! Glad to hear someone else is in the same place I am with having to FORCE yourself to get back to work. I am organizing and remodeling my craft room hoping that will re-inspire(is that even a word?) me. Take care, hugs to ya!


Awwww, no worries. We know life gets uber busy. Just check in when ya can and we are happy to hear what's going on.


OMG she so needs to come to my house. I am having total doll withdrawls.


Oh I love her...will snatch her up in a second.

Kim Langston

You know I love your site and your dolls. Bitter Bonnie would like to come live with me!

Kim Brown

Pick me..... pick me!!!!!!!! Right here.....pick me!!!! No not that one...ME ME ME!!!!! It's all about ME!!! LOL NOT REALLY BUT...PICK ME!!!!!

Love ya!


Her expression is precious! Perfectly cute, and perfectly *NOT* cutesy!



I love Raggedy Annes and love your blog. I am sure your Valentine Bitter Bonnie would love to come live in Australia with me!!


Howdy girl, I know how you feel... Somedays, I don't know how I made it through the day.. Love you and Christopher. We can't wait to get together again... Lets talk soon..Wasn't life so much simpler in VV?


awwwwww.... how cute!! 'unibrow' LOL
gosh..i remember getting so excited and yet nervous at the same time about the valentines exchanges in school when we were little lol
hoping that i'd get a valentines with extra hearts drawn on it from the cutest boy in the whole entire school.."John"..
nowadays..i'll settle for extra hugs from the hubby..and a lobster meal ;)


Lyn Smith

I'm sure Bitter Bonnie would love to live down under in Oz. We'd sure love to have her. Have a great Valentines day


Lots of blog love from my corner. I love my Raggedy Ole Annie and I kept her for myself. She would love to have a friend. Hope you pick me. Thank you so much. You are so talented.

Nancy Evans

I would love to win this lil darlin!! I also belive she is bitter just coz she doesnt have a home.. and I will make sure she has a lovely room of her won if she should come to live at my house!!
THanks for throwing my name into the hat!! She is just adorable!


Bitter Bonnie has me grinning from ear to ear - thank for offering her as a happy heart day treat! I'd be pleased if you'd toss my name into the giveaway hat.


ps - the Faerie Wysperer sent me over. :)

Sue Coover

Nicole, love all your dolls especially Bitter Bonnie. I really would like her to come live at my house. Sue

Karen C

I think Bitter Bonnie is only bitter as she's feeling homeless right now, I think she'll mellow when she's adopted. Hope she likes her adopted home - wherever it may be, maybe she'll move overseas!!!!!

Kelli Lusk

I sure hope you have a great Valentines Day and I get in those slug moments and just have to make myself get up and go. Wishing you a great week.


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