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January 27, 2009


Karen F.

Sounds like a great trip! Hope you have a great weekend. Blessings, Karen


Looks and sounds like you gals had a fabulous time, and I know Christopher did, too!! What a great beach adventure!! FUN!! Glad you are safely back home, and enjoy the Mom visit, Nicole!! Hugs, Trudy


two sexy momma's!!!! :)
sounds like you had FUN FUN FUN!!! definately what you needed!!
I do hope we'll get to see video footage of you singing madonna songs ;)
Glad you (and "C") both had a good time!


looks like you had a great time. You are looking good girl! Great pic of you and your BFF.

Kim Brown

I want to go next time, tell Vanessa I want to go next time there is low tide! I would LOVE to take the kids and do this!! I know there is some place in Laguna but I can't remember where it is. DANG!!! The kids LOVE this sort of stuff!
So glad you are home! Missed ya!

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