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November 27, 2008


Karen F

My mom and I went out and got a little shopping done yesterday too. No kids! We dont like to get in crowds either but we tried to find some bargins we did find a few. Hope you had some luck. Blessings, Karen


Hope you survived the shopping mania, Nicole!! I never did understand those that have been standing in line since yesterday, to get a good deal at the crack of dawn this morning!! Oh well!! Hope everyone had fun!!! Hugs, Trudy in Colorado


Such a sweet pic of you two! :OP
I don't get the "Black Friday" shopping thing either? Only thing I can think of- is families like to shop together. I think you get better deals closer to Xmas time anyways *blush*
Plus- I don't like crowds either, I'm not phobic- just don't like the long lines, rude pushy people, and poeple stepping on my toes! Where's the fun in that? *lol* And to top it all off- there are more vehicular breaks ins during the holidays. No Thanks! My s olution and it works like a charm everytime... I shop all year long. There ARE sales all long too! Hope you got lots of goodies. Oh- Mervyn's, if you have near you, is going out of business- check them out. Only bad thing about it- is if you need to return anything- all sales are final! But still a good place to shop! Good Luck & Have fun!

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