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July 29, 2008


jen duncan

Hi Nicole- Your hair looks darling! I don't know how it is I never went shopping over on your doll site, but I just did and I really really love the sweetie that I picked. :-)


I love your hair, just too cute! Lucky Anne, I may just have to go shopping for one of your Annies soon. Have a great vacation!


Love your hair! I usually have mine very similar-the cut, at least. My hair is darker. But, last year I decided to grow it out. Well, it's out and I forgot how much your neck can sweat when it's 100 degrees outside!

Congratulations Anne!


Hi Nicole,
Congratulations to Anne- she is one lucky lady to win an Annie.
Your new hair cut looks fabulous- it is fun and funky -


P.S we didnt feel it either it wouldve been my first!


Oh, Nicole, you look GOR-JUSS! Great 'do!


OH MY GOSH!!! Iam so excited!!! I never win anything and what a fantastic thing to win!!!!
Your hair is adorable,Ive been playing around with the idea of cutting mine like that. Its so cute.
thank you so much!!


Don't know about the lines, but congratulations to Anne! Your new hairstyle is really pretty on you. Love the color too.


Congratulations to Anne - what an appropriate name for the Annie give away ;o)

Your hair looks amazing! I so want to cut mine off, but hubby loves it long, and I'm not bringing in an income, so I'm just going to let it grow... I'm really glad the quake didn't bother y'all too much - we live on a fault line, but there hasn't been an earthquake here in forever. I'm so scared of them! I don't like tornados, either, but was just fine with hurricanes when we lived on the coast. Warped, huh!

Have a fabulous day!!!


Congrats Anne!!! Love your hair's very similar to mine. I love my hair gal's my daughter, I guess I gotta love her, huh? If I don't love my hair, I'll just refuse to pay her and/or spank her. LOL Have a great vacation.


Congrats Anne! Your hair looks great!!! Hope you will have the best trip ever, we will miss you! Blessings, Karen


Me again....too early to That was to find out 'who won the' Give Away


Got up, went straight to the computer to find out Give Away...glad I was in on it!

Congrats to Anne!

Love your hair. Have a great vacation!

Sherry Wescott

It must have been one of the other Annie's calling my name! Someday when I get some $$ to splurge on "just me" I'm going to buy one. Congrats to Anne!!

Your hair looks great! Have a fun filled and relaxing vacation!

Debbie Vierkant

Nicole your hair turned out adorable, love it! The length and color are GREAT! Bummer that I didn't win, maybe next time.

Heidi Woodruff

Congrats to Anne! She is going to LOVE your Annie! I promise!!~

Earthquake? Hope nothing broke!!! Nothing like that one in '89, that was a whopper! I read your's was 5.4? That's still a major SHAKER!!

Cute hair...have a fun trip!

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