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July 28, 2008



Aaaack! Missy's little dolls are soooo cute! (Can you hear my high squeaky voice? lol!)

I love the "chapter book"! Have fun on your vacation!-


OK where are you going??? I must have missed it when you told us!!! How FUN!!!!! Tell me tell me tell me!!!


Hair do , Vacation, plane rides, gee you may not want to come back home. lol I know I normally have to come home from vacation and rest because we love to go,go, go!! Hope you have a great time! Ill be back looking for my name! Blessings, Karen

Jodi Allen

OH! be sure to post new pics of the new hair-do! I LOVE those days! getting my hair done. I wish it could feel like that every day! Ü

Sherry Wescott

Have fun getting your hair done tomorrow. I hope you'll be able to sleep tonight though with that little cutie calling my name all night!! hee!hee!

I hope you have a great vacation!!

missy ballance

i love you.

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