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May 06, 2008



Thanks for the giveaway. I wish we all could have won, too. Your dolls are absolutely adorable, and I've been looking through your blog which is great. Your sewing room just made me want to settle myself in with a cup of herb tea and enjoy looking in every direction.


Hope you have a great Mother's day and spending time with your mom!!!


Happy Mother's Day and have a wonderfully happy time with your Mom!


Hi Nicole,
I love the picture of you and your mom. That is so cool that she is going to be with you this weekend.
I will probably see my daughter too.
Oh, I wanted to tell you that I see your little raggedy Annies everywhere. Lots of bloggers have them posted when they receive them.
They are so cute. I love the patriotic on you did a couple of weeks ago.
Take care and have fun with mom

Pam Gracia

Hi Nicole! I was just at the Ontario Airport myself, but I was coming home to Va. My daughter and her family live in Idyllwild, Ca.

Enjoy your mom....I know every minute is precious! Sorry I missed your give was so darn cute! Pam

Maija Lepore

Enjoy your precious time with your mom!

Shirley Standifird

Woo Hoo! Thanks so much! I love her and can't wait to add her to my family!


YAY!!! My girlie won, congrats Shirley! Have a fab Mothers Day with your momma Nicole. Hugs!



Thank so much for the fun!!! You are so super nice to always offer give aways! Thanks and have fun with Mom :)



Congrats to Shirley. Thanks again for offering the giveaway. Hope you & your Mom have a great time.


I love moms! I can't wait to hear what fun you guys have during your visit. I bet it's more exciting for her to be there on mom's day than you even know :)

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