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May 15, 2008



I enjoy reading your blogs very nice.

Peace and Blessings



Look like u had fun!! Love your dollies ALWAYS!! I have tagged you!!!

stavroulla Ploutis

Oh the poor thing. He needs a bath and a good home.

Heidi Woodruff

You dolls are darling (as always!). You and you mom and aunt look like you were having a blast...lots of smiles! How fun!


EEEEK! That is Raggedy sacrilege and should be a crime! Poor Annie!
Have fun with mom and aunt!

SUZY Foster

Nicole, You are too funny I grew up in Culver City, I use to hang at Venice Beach. I know what your talking about. Its funny u the doll maker found that Raggedy Ann I almost fell out of my chair! That made my day!! Keep on bloggin u are funny!!!!

Grace P

What a cute fun family! You are a good sport taking a picture coming out of that bathroom..LOL! Love the PJ's Grace


Hi Nicole ,i love your pink pj's ,your mum and aunt sound like they have a good sense of you have more luck with next photography class.


I love the photo with the jammies on. ADORABLE!!! And did YOU do all that drawing on that bathroom wall while you were sitting in there?? LOL!!!!!!!! Have fun with the girls.

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