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April 01, 2008


jennifer Paganellli

thanks for putting a big huge smile on my face...Jennifer


Seriously, this is a complete riot! It is funnier than the self portrait I have on my blog. I think you should do another photo shoot with your super model.

jennifer Paganellli

What a hoot...this is so great perfect kitsch I give you an A+++++.Jennifer


HAHHAHAHAAAA!! I've heard of alien sightings in California before....and now I know it is TRUE!!! HeeeHEEHEeeeee!!! Hugs, Trudy


You both look so very cute.


too funny Nicole!!


Oh my gosh Nicole I think you captured it perfectly! The pictures are great. Cant wait to see what class thinks of your work. Too funny. Thanks for making me smile this morning. Have a great day! Hugs


These are great pictures. You guys look really good. Great Imagination for a real winning shot.
Good Luck.


ROFLMAO!!!! And they say I put EVERYTHING on my blog!!!! I think that just beat me. Funny Nicole.


OMG LMAO You so sexy Nicole!! LOL GREAT pics!!!! Thanks I needed that today!!!! ROFL too funny!!!!!!

Tina Poulsen

Haha Great shots!!!! The bottom one will deffi be a winner :):):)

tacoma florist

cool :)

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