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April 24, 2008


Maija Lepore

I have one of your lovelies, and I could always use another!


Those photos are priceless! Looks like lots of fun was had by all (yes, even mom, judging by the B/W photo in the van!) Such a good lil' mama!


Definitely I want to enter! I'd love to have one of your Annies - I promise to love her and give her a good home and never, never, never let my dog chew her leg off like he did the last Raggedy Annie I had!! Your dolls are so adorable!!!

Beth Dasecke

oh goodness it looks like a lot of fun was had by all

I would loooovvvveee too be in your draw I will give her a happy home LOL
hugs Beth

Nancy No Blog

I would love to win her. She would look so adorable with the other Annies you have made me. Your Annies are adorable!


I would love to have her!!I love your work.


I'd love to have her too!!


I love her. She is so cute. I would love to win her. Looks like your son had quite a party. Happy Friday, Kim


I just adore your dolls. How I would love to win one. You do a beautiful job.

Angie S.

I am expecting my first baby (a girl!!) in August, and this adorable lil' annie would be the perfect addition to the nursery! Keep up the amazing work, Nicole! You are soooo talented!!


I have a doll I made from one of Missy's patterns so I would love to have a professionally made one. I just hope it doesn't make mine I made feel unworthy. She is soooo cute! Thanks for the chance. Robyn


yes, your lovlies sell out quick so maybe I will have better luck winning her. Many happy returns.


Oh I have the perfect little red chair for sweet Annie to sit upon and visit with me. I would give her a very loving home and yes, she may have sleep overs, not sure about what trouble 11 Annies could get into! What a super Mom you are to host the sleep over! Cheers

Kelli Lusk

I would love to win this beauty. I realy love your patterns and dolls. I am so glad your son had a wonderful birthday party.


what a great gift that could be to my mom for mothers day!!! I would love an raggedy old annie original!!



Well....another lil 11" beauty found her way into my home and heart yesterday (one I had ordered)and my 12 year old daughter(who is currently in that in limbo stage of wanting dolls and thinking she is too old and cool for them)quickly claimed it as hers. What's a mother to do? So.....I would love to have her for myself. I have NEVER outgrown dolls. Hee Hee!
PS....what a brave soul you are to host that sleepover! I wonder if a boy slumber party is like a girl one?


But of course I'd love to win the little princess! My Annie needs a little sister - she's getting spoiled on her own. Congratulations on surviving the boys' sleep-over!

Patricia M

Awwww I just love your stories and blogs ....Your such an awesome Mommy and Talented Doll Maker of course!


Hi Nicole...of course i want her also! She's an adorable Annie and would feel right at home with your other creations! Thanks so much for offering her to all of us!!


CONGRATS on surviving the sleepover!!!

I would love to add your adorable doll to my family!!!

Thanks for offering the give a-way!

Amy Ragland

I'd love to have her! I have not had the pleasure of owning a doll made by you yet. :)

Grace P.

pick me - pick me please! I would love her to come to my home so that my other "annie" would have a sister she is so lonely right now no sister no andy....aww. Hugs Happy Birthday to your Son cute pictures. Hugs Grace

Lisa D.

You were very brave to have that many 11 year old boys! Happy belated birthday to your son (my twins turned 11 this year, too). I would *LOVE* to win your Annie, of course!

Mel Seigfried


You are one brave mom heehee! looks like everyone had a GREAT time! I love the whip cream/bubble gum game!!! Too fun! I'll have to remember that one! Have a great weekend...and oh....did I mention? GIMMEEE???!!! heehee!


Hi Nicole, having followed your blog FOREVER and made several of your patterns, it would be an HONOR to have one of your dollies actually made by you living with me! Great party for your son, by the way! I might have to borrow the whip cream/gum idea! Nice job!!!!! Back to the dollie....I really hope I win!


I love your dolls! I would love to have this little Annie. Your son's party looks like it was alot of fun! You are a much braver mom than I!


I love your dolls! I would love to have this little Annie. Your son's party looks like it was alot of fun! You are a much braver mom than I!


Nicole,you make your Annies with lots of love,pride and joy, even when they make you fall asleep in the wee hours trying to get them out to their new homes. You make them sooo adorable and lovable!!Everytime i recieve one of your Annies ,i feel like a little school girl again with a big silly* grin *on my face. xoxoxoxo

Cherise Schlicher

I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's so darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But then they're all CUTE!!!!!!!!! Thanks for a great give away... Hope I win!!!!!!! :)


She is just adorable! Your dolls are always so cute. I'd love to give Annie a new home. Thanks for offering the giveaway & a happy belated birthday to your son. Glad you survived the sleepover, looks like they had a blast.


Hi Nicole! my comment? I am waiting ever so patiently for my tiny cherry annie to live with me in Australia and being so far away from home don't you think that lil cutie should keep her company?? I DO!!

Lyn Smith

She looks gorgeous, a great addition to my raggedy collection. Think you were very brave having a sleepover,I remember the days when my kids had them. A lot of work, but a lot of fun


Oh what fun. I miss those days/daze!!! Please pick me for the baby doll. She will be happy with her adopted sisters. Always have plenty of friends too. LOL


Your dolls are super cute and very yummy smelling I hear. I would LOVE to win this little orphan for my home. I thinks she is adorable and might be calling out to come live with me!:) PICK ME PICK ME.



I just bought my 1st Annie--Amusement Park Annie---she told me a little secret! She needs a little sister to keep her company and to go on all the scary rides with...she promises to be the bestest big sis ever!


The birthday party looks like it was sooo much fun!!
I love your Annie's! Every time I go to buy one they are gone! and since my daughter is named Annie, I think we need one :)

Vickie E

I would love to have her...I just bought another 11 inch doll..I'm getting addicted to them LOL.


OH YES. I want that little cutie! Looks like you all had a wonderful time.:)Take Care.


I. Want. Her. And so does everyone else LOL. Whew -- you need a vacation!


Just received my first Tiny Cherry Annie.. she is sooo sweet and smells deliciously like my own Grandma's kitchen used to.
She would love to April Annie to sit with on my shelf.

Thank you


Hi, Nicole!! Just returned from a week down in Austin...and I NEED THAT COOL ANNIE!!! There's an empty spot on my shelf where your annies reside!!! HA!! The sleepover sounds like it went well, and the pictures are great!! Hugs, Trudy

quiltmom ( Anna)

Hi Nicole,
Your Annie dolls are so cute and fun- I don't know if you have as much fun making them as others have looking at them but they sure make people smile- I would love to win one of your dolls.
It looks like your son had a great birthday. May he have a wonderful fun filled year.
Regards from a Western Canadian Quilter,


Oooooh I would love that dollie! Please put my name in the hat:)


I just received my Tiny Cherry Annie and she is so cute. Only one problem, she needs a friend to sit with on the shelf!
I promise to keep her warm and safe and dry.
Love your website and your newsletters. They can never be too lengthy.
Thanks so much.

P.S. She smells like my Grandma's kitchen, too!


Me! Me! Me! She is gorgeous!


Dawn Jones

What a cutey-pie she is Nicole - absolutely gorgeous! She was obviously born after the sleep over - she doesn't look sleep deprived at all! LOL
Kind regards - Dawn

Debbie White

Sounds like the sleepover was lots of fun. Enjoy times like this - they go by way too fast. I just love this little Annie - so adorable, cute and cuddly. I promise to give her a good home with lots of love = maybe even let her have a sleepover of her own.


I love, love,love her. She is just the cutest.


Ok, then . . . I want her! LOL


I think that this one is one of the cutest ones. I love her hair and her smile. Just perfect.

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