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April 24, 2008


Tina Poulsen

Wierd... my comment is gone!!??
Hmm no matter what, I think your dolls are SO amazing!! If i can't win... maybe we should do a trade some day? ;);)

Remember to relax!!! ;)


Yes, I would love Raggedy Annie to come to my house!

Kathy Wetherell

OMG what a cutie. Your Annies are the sweetest. I've seen her on other web sites you and your Annies are getting around. Best

Sherry Wescott

I'm sure the giveaway is long over, but I wanted to say how absolutely adorable your doll is!! I honestly have never seen such a cute Rag Doll!! I just found your blog from Bella Enchanted's list of favorite bloggers. I'm glad I did!!

Katherine Miller

I love your lil Annies....Take care, Kathy Miller


YES! I WANT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are one BRAVE MOM.


Still waiting to hear that I won that precious pink raggedy, Nicole!! HA!!HA!!! Stop by my blog for a give-away, too!!! Hugs, Trudy


I cant remember if I left a comment here before or not.. well, if its not already too late, please enter me into your drawing! I love your raggedy anns! I have a small annie collection.
I have had sleep overs like yours with my kids too. I dont knwo which is more fun, a bunch of young boys or a bunch of teenage girls! Either requires a great deal of energy!!
stop by my blog when you get a chance and say hi!


I would LOVE her - please sign me up!

Glad you survived that sleepover - Friday night was a fabulous idea.


Please enter me in the drawing for your cutie patootie Nicole! :)


I hope it's not too late, I would love to be in the drawing, and win of course!!

Laura Adams

Hi Nicole! I just love tiny Annie and I love your blog. I just found it several days ago and I am enjoying all the fun! I too had a sleepover this past weekend but it was 16 year old girls for my darling 16 year old (on the 25th) Caroline. She would love to get this as a special reminder of her special day. (I guess I would share with her!) Thanks for all of the joy!

Lyda Loehring

She has made me smile on a very long day....I'd love to have her in my home to make me smile every day......

Lyda Loehring

she made me smile on a long day.....I'd love to bring her home and give her more happiness....


I can't even begin to tell you how much I would love to have this lady come home to me!


Hi Nicole! I would love to win this little cutie for my grand daughter Jadyn! I know that she would hug and love on her and put her in her little stroller to push around the house and outside now that it's finally getting a little warm here in OHIO. LOL

If you would put my name in.....I would really and truly appreciate it! And thank you for doing this!



ohhhhhhhhhhhh so kewt!
I'd love to bring her home with me.
*bats eyelashes*
She'd fit right in with my other Raggedy friends and me in my crafts room! Laughter is endless!

Bonnie Walker

Your little Annie is just as cute as can be. She is just the right size for a 2 year old and up. I have 4 little grandaughters. I keep my home-made dolls that I made ,out for them to play with when they visit me. I also love making my own dolls.Love your patterns. Hope to start making some of your Annie's soon for birthday gifts! Bonnie in Tx.


Love, love, love your Annie dolls. My grandmother's name was Anna and we grandkids called her "Annie." Pick me!


Love, love, love your Annie dolls. My grandmother's name was Anna and we grandkids called her "Annie." Pick me!

Jane B

Sheesh! It looks like my long comment just vanished! I would love to own that Annie. She is adorable- just like all of your Annies.
I enjoyed your post about the sleepover. My sons are both in college now, but they still enjoy having all night parties with groups of their friends. These days they are much louder.And they make a bigger mess and eat much more food! But I always enjoy the extra activity. And sometimes they even let me play rock band with them.(But only because I know the older songs well enough to sing them on hard.Lol!)


I love the giveway dollie! How nice of you!! I would LOVE HER!!! How are things going? SOunds like the sleep over was lots of FUN!


The new Annie is adorable! Looks like the party was lots of fun for the boys.


Love your adorable Annie! Glad you survived the sleep over

Susan Ramey Cleveland

What a sweet Annie. I'd love to win her. Happy b'day to your son, and congrats on making it through the sleepover. Looks like it was pretty exciting.


OMGosh! You can't imagine how excited I would be to win one of your Annies. I have always adored her, and yours are just too precious. Thanks for being so kind and generous!

Hugs and Blessings,


Oh my - I hope I'm lucky enough to win!!!!


I've admired your little ladies for so long! Some day maybe I'll be lucky enough to have one. I'd love to win the drawing!


love your dolls nicole! Please add my name to the list! Rosemary


I of course would love to win that lil Annie. Cause you know I've never enough Annie's.


I would love Annie if it's not too late.



I would love April Annie as my own beacause I don't have any girls in my house...if I did, she would have red hair just like Annie's. And she's sweet to look at!


My friend Lisa just custom ordered a doll for my mom, Nicole. I am smitten!! Your work is just soo charming!!


I have a wonderful collection of handmade dollies that Miss April will feel right at home with!
Pick me!


I want to paint a portrait of her. It will look better if she is here for a live sitting.


Aren't boys the best! We have a nine year old son. We did the sleepover in January, but I don't think I recovered as fast as you.
Happy Birthday to Christopher.

Please add me to the drawing.


Happy Birthday to your son!

Pick me..Pick me My Birthday is May 1st....It would be a honor to win...

Thanks Toni


I love your dolls. Please enter me, I would so love to win her.
Hope your son had a wonderful birthday.


Adorable raggedy!!! please enter me in the drawing!!!

Jessica M.

I'd really love to have her here with me in Germany!



Oh, would love for your sweet Annie to join the other one we purchased from you in January! Your dolls are the cutest, sweetest things.

Bonita P

I would love annie to come live with me! She could travel the rivers with us, as we live on our boat.
please pick me!



I'd love to be entered in your giveaway. I love, love, love her and would give her a wonderful home:)


Rest assured, I would raise Annie in a loving household. She could visit you whenever you wish. (fingers crossed)


She's adorable! And would make a perfect little sister for Dottie Ann who has recently come to live at my house!

Debie Trotti

oooo, I would love to win the cute little Annie for my daughters bed. She is darling!

Jeri Ray

Love your Annies! I have given them as gifts and they are very appreciated.

Rhonda/Doxies on My Quilts

Ohhh...what a cute doll! Please add my name.

Studio Christine

looks like the last entry disappeared :>(

anyhoo, pleaes add me to your Annie give-away list

....and kudos for the sleepover

Studio Christine

please add me to the Annie give-away

and WOW for surviving the sleepover

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