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February 04, 2008



Great room to work in. Your dolls are so cute. My hubby does the same thing to me...must be a guy thing. :0)


Hey, looks like Sharon's house!


Your dolls are sooo cute! If you check out my blog you can see what I made:) I am thinking about doing my ownwebsite. I need to make a little money! How do you do? is it worth it? I will soon be ordering a pattern from you!!


I am green with envy!!!!!!!!!!! I want all those dolls looking at me while I scrapbook. I better get busy and get some more :) Whoooowhooooo, easter is just around the corner.


Wow, love all the annies. Hope you both are feeling great soon.


oooohhhh look at all those Annies sitting there. Love them!!! The cupcakes look yummy even if they are Christmas color. Hope you two are better soon.


YUM!! Now I want to make cupcakes, too!!! AND EAT THEM ALL!!! HA!!! So....I won't make any!!! That's alot of eyes, Nicole!! But what grand eyes they are!! Hugs, Trudy

Erin Bennett

I wouldn't mind all those eyes staring at me LOL! I hope Christopher feels better soon. I love your cupcakes..yummy!!

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