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February 28, 2008


Linda Harre

I got my little doll and am so thrilled:D She is sitting on a shelf in my grandbabies bedroom! I have a special room just for them since they spend a lot of time with us:D Thank you soooooo much!!!

Heidi Woodruff

I sure did watch Missy on TV last year! It's so cool to know famous people!

Tamie Snow

Hey Nicole! I just wanted to say hi since I've heard so much about you...I feel like I know you already!
Thanks for the link too. Your blog is awesome!

Sandy Ziegler

Hello My Fellow Knitter,
Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and always read your blogs. I'm hoping we can decide on our group name and get us our own domain. What do ya think about doing that? I want to show off our site, YOU and your talents to all my friends and family and it would be so neat if they could go directly to our site. I'll give you the $...let me know if this can be done..okee, dokee???

Maija Lepore

Oh my! I just found you from Candice's blog and you're darling dolls just make me smile!!


Whoooooo!! Whooooooo!!! Way to go Missy!!! Thanks for sharing the great news, Nicole!! CELEBRATE!! Hugs, Trudy


you da bomb baby. Thanks for always pumpin me up and being my bff. I don't know what I'd do without you! awwww.... gush gush... cry cry :) Missy you ALREADY! damn it!

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