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January 05, 2008


Vickie E

I'd like a 'little' Annie...I saw a gal's blog that has 5 or 6 of your dolls and I LOVED them displayed...I think she's getting one for each season....maybe I should too...LOL


OMG!!! The dollies are soo cute!!!

I can't believe you like the rain!
I am the same way! You can just stay in and be cozy and work!!! Besides making stuff when it rains, I love to bake!!!! Even a cloudy day will find me in my sewing room or the kitchen!!!


aaawwww Missy...that was so sweet of you! I wish you were here to clean up my thread! LOLOL I keep tracking it through the house! Now it looks like I've been sewing in every room! Hey....tell B all you want for your birthday is to come here!!!!!! PLEASE!


You are making me want to work more! These are soooo cute! I wish I was there to clean up your thread or something... just being around you would be good. LOLOLOL! Soon, I hope! I need my bff fix.... BAD!

Erin Bennett

OMG They all are adorable!!! I want that cowgirl!! put her aside for me ok? I am emailing are a gem!!!


Way to go, Nicole!!! I WANT THEM ALL!!! HA!!! As you Californians get slammed with rain, the Western Slope is getting dumped on with bunches of snow.....and we have a beautiful, sunny warm day here on the Front Range!! Snow's headed our way, too, the next wave of the storm hitting you guys!! Stay home...make annies...and ENJOY!!! Hugs, Trudy


The girls are adorable!!!!!
You GO!!


Gosh Nicole, I so enjoy visiting your blog because we think so much alike. I also love rainy or snowy days because it forces you to pretty much stay indoors and you feel motivated to do something. I don't make resolutions either, just setting myself up for failure so I set "goals" such as things I want to get accomplished or something new to try.
I have one son left at home and he's homeschooled so I've warned him, back to the books, or in our case computer, starting Monday.
I love seeing your new Annies. I have a few of Missy's patterns and would love to be able to get a little side business going makin' Annies but not sure how they'd go over where I live.
BTW, have you ever considered selling your patterns via e-patterns? I've been seeing that alot and it's so great for us pattern buyers that live outside of the U.S.
Take care,

Barbara Burkard

they are soooo sweet!!! i put mine with my valentine display..the pics are on my blog...down a bit but there! hee hee

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