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January 17, 2008



What cupcakes is Deb talking about???? And does this mean your gonna be FAMOUS now that your sewing room is being talked about??? I'm so glad I have all those annies with your signature on there butts. LOL

Candice Carpenter

Yay!!! I am so glad you two are coming to the banner class!!! Meet you is long overdue!


You and Missy are going to have so much fun! Cute doll (all your dolls are adorable!)! And I have that Crop-a-dile thingy (pink) and I love it! It will go through anything!

Erin Bennett

I love the new gadget and the doll! and your cat!!!


You will love Candances class, I take them all the time...I was even going to take this one buts its a long drive....I usually take her classes at thr red bee and will love her, and her cupcakes!


OMG! I LOVE that new doll! SOOOO Cute! I can't wait til I come there! It's going to be so fun!! We have to do the Kareokee bar thing or something stupid... just so we have stuff to laugh about when I come home! And the raquet ball thing... I'm totally picturing you guys with sweat bands on like in that movie Napolean Dynomite... wouldn't that be funny if you guys actually did that... you'd be the talk of the gym. I'd go with you guys but only if we could get beer on the way home! LOL!

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