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January 29, 2008



Girl! Did you see that Candice Carpenter has your website on her new website:

too cool!




Uh hellooooo BETH!!!! I'm seeing that there are new Annies out there for me. LOL!!!!


Thankfully your hubby made it to work. Mine works at's both a blessing and a curse!
I was thinking about ya yesterday, Kim at Todays Creative Blog profiled a photographer and her pics are so cool. I realize that I don't know you personally, but I know you're really into photography and take great pics so I thought you might be interested.
Have a great day,
Shirlee :)


I just love the new dolls. What a monday you had. Hope you have a great week.

Erin Bennett

pictures from the knit night were spectular! good luck with classes! Love the new dolls!!


Wow, Nicole!! Guess those planets were aligned yesterday at all!!! Not a good day here at our house, either!! We had to have a new hot water heater installed!!! Not the anniversary present for ourselves that we had intended!!! Heehheeeeee!!!! Oh well!! At least we have hot water!!! Love all the new dollies, and congrats on the paid PHOTO job!!!! WHOOO!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!! Hugs, Trudy


LOVE those pics!!!


Cute new Annies. I wonder how long it will take for Sharon to buy them all? =)

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