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January 20, 2008



by seeing the photo i want to rush to TGI friday to have some fried green beans.


That sounds so nasty!!! How do they really taste??? Like chicken?? ROFLOL!!


We don't have TGIFridays here in Canada (pout). I see commercials for Fridays and Applebees and wish we did. I love green beans and these look sinfully good.


My 15 year old son said this morning, "PLEASE can we go to Friday's for lunch...I will share the fried green beans with you...." LOL...they are addicting and yes, I will take him there for lunch...and mostly because he will share them with me...although, if truth be known, I could eat the whole plate myself, they are so good!


oh they look yummy! been lovin' all your new dollies too! you are on a roll!! : ) i wanted to ask you...are there any good sites out there for beginner photographers? i just got a new camera for Christmas...its a canon digital slr...THANKS!


Too funny, I can't believe you put the photo of the fried green beans, I want them again so bad! They were sooo yummy, I wish I was eating them right now. My corn dog idea was a bust, they all fell down into the fryer!! I'll have cereal or something later.

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