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January 24, 2008


jennifer Paganellli

I love it alll!!! I love the dolls, the stash, your studio,
big fan of yours...I also love birthdays so a shout out to your BFF Missy...all the best, Jennifer

Erin Bennett

Happy Birthday! Nice Picture too! I wish you the best!


What a cute photo of Missy. I'm going over to wish her a happy happy one.


LOLOLOLOL! I LOVE that pic! That's toooo funny! This is starting to be my fav part of our bdays... this picture thing! LOL!


Yippee, I got to see thie picture before it disapeared! Missy's awesome, playing around like that! Happy B. to her and to her BBF a good day!


Woohoooo Rock on Missy!!! Happy Birthday!

Linda Harre

I am so glad I found you again!!!! I just happened on to you this morning:D I looked for your site many times (which happens in bloggers world) and couldn't find your precious time I am putting a link on my blog:D I am a happy camper!

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