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January 13, 2008



Funny story. I can relate many moons ago I was watching the Heraldo show and a mother of a crazy friend I knew from school was on for throwing her baby in the trash. My jaw hit the floor. Talk about a cup full of crazy...


Your St Pat's Annie is so cute! No Irish blood in me though LOL. You are so talented!



Nicole, we just ordered one of your cuties! By we, I mean my soon to be 7 year old and me. She received birthday money and was using it to buy two Webkinz animals....until I was browsing your website, that is. She was as enthralled as I have been and said she would rather spend her money on an Annie than Webkinz. I was so proud of her! After much debate, she chose Lilly Annie and she can't wait for her to arrive. Thank you so much for your adorable dolls. I am so pleased that they struck a chord with my little girl and there is hope in this mass-toy produced world for unique, handmade items such as yours. All the best to you!


Ohmygosh Nicole -- that story is hilarious! Guess we know who got the last laugh! Love your little annies!


Bullies always get what they deserve! From bully to prositute I guess huh!? LOLOLOL!

Tina Wright

Sounds like your are going to be the 'cool mom' with all the games/room/food for the 'guys'!! What fun!!! Enjoy it!!

Lisa D.

OK, your new dolls are just as cute as can be! Must.... Resist....

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