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November 14, 2007



This is just warming you up for college! Love his little annoyed picture -- he's so cute. Here's to hoping a chocolate package will show up in the mail to cheer you up! LOL.

sandy wood

awwww nic... dont worry..he'll be fine...
:( awwww poor lil pumpkin.. how ya holdin' up????
how was your party?? oh wait..its tonite.. right? well have fun..have a drink for me..and take tons o pics :) :) :)

Janna-Country Creek Creations

Oh Nicole I can totally remember when my daughter went to camp. I was crying like she was going to another country. I dont think they realize that our lives revolve around their lives. My daughter is in her 2nd year of college now & I find it is still hard when she leaves. :( Hang in there!
I too am a scrapper/photo queen. My family teases that I would probably take a picture of the grass growing if I could. One day they will be bugging you to pull all those silly lil pics out. :)

Just the other night at my older son's football banquet I am having him pose with his varsity letter & all I hear is "For The Love Of...."! Gotta love those boys & their big boy attitudes. Hahaha
Keep taking them Momma he will grow to love them later. We have a legacy to leave. LOL ;)
Wish I lived closer...I would crash the scrappin party. Have fun! ~Janna


The scrapbook party sounds like fun. Kids grow up too fast ;(


ahhhh...... I am definetly not looking forward to the day I send my baby boy off to camp. Hey girl when are you going to the scrapbook store to visit me? Have fun scrapping tomorrow.



Oh lordy your post makes me wanna start crying all over again. Great pictures. It's so sad to see them go. But he'll be back.

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