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October 08, 2007


Crafty Carolinagirl

That is just too funny :)

Congrats to Cheryl!


Boo Hoo...I am crying I didnt win. Maybe next time.
Kim :)


Nicole you are so funny! You will love Creating Keepsakes ALOT!!!! It is addicting. Since you have jumped into the scrapping addiction it is safe to say that you MUST get a subscription! I have had one for about 8 years & love all the ideas, hints & layouts. If you ever get the chance check them out when they are on about needing to be rich. You will love all the great deals there. Have fun creating!
Oh and congrats to Cheryl on her hoot hoot win! *Ü*


LOL! I knew you didn't pick your name cause your name never gets picked! LOL! That is so funny! You could have done what Sharon did and go to UPS today! LOL! They would have loved those priority boxes! LOLOLOL! and btw, didn't we used to get this as a holiday from school when we were kids? Hmm... somethings funny... but I like it! LOL! 2 day weekends is enough for me! My kids need to go to school and THINK! ha... mean mom :)


Congrats to you Cheryl. Now our owls can get together. LOL!!!! Or not.


I'm really the winner??!!!! I am so excited. Thanks bunches for picking my name!!!!

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