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October 08, 2007



you girls are so silly! Buy yourself some nextel phones, they are walkie talkies ;) Rosemary


dang... it! Sharon... you made me had to post! I had a teacher in high school that put a big huge letter a on one side of the room (like 6 feet tall) and then the word lot (again 6 feet tall) on the other side of the room cause she wanted to make sure we knew a lot was 2 words and not one... so I'm thinking maybe I need to make you guys shirts that have a on the front and lot on the back... a lot of what will be for you to decide! LOLOLOLOL!
much luv! Missy


Well..............I say alot. LOL Sorry Missy.


HaHa!!! Too stinkin' funny! You gals!!! It's alot like 'Who's on first?!' LOL!!!


I haven't been to your blog in a very long time...Glad I looked tonite, I needed the chuckle. That was some conversation! LOL...Pam

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