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September 30, 2007


Christina Edmondson

This is just CRAZY BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Hope you have a lovely day.


Your site, blog, dolls, and owls, oh my!! The ROCK!!!

Love that you are somewhat local and that your dolls are now available the LSS!!


that owl is a cutie!!! your site!


Hi just found your blog, what lovely things you have, i would love to be in your owl draw its fab!
Sarah x

Melissa Thomason

Hi Nicole, I really appreciate the link to the free owl pattern, yours looks so nice in the pretty fabrics you have used. I hope you and Missy post lots of entries on your blogs in the next month as i'm recovering from an operation on my foot and i'm housebound - i love your blogs and the links you give, they keep me entertained.


That's the cutest owl I've ever seen!!!!!! You're so talented! I'd love to be entered in the giveaway. :) Thanks!


too dang cute!
pick me please!!

Erin B

I absolutely LOVE that owl. You really do create some awesome things! Pick me! Pick me!

Tran My Quach

What a cute owl and dolls! I would love to try and make one... but I will probably mess up and end up with holes all over my body. Maybe that's why I don't sew on my scrapbook pages..... :-P


Your owls ROCK!! :)


Aww.."whoo" the heck can resist an owl. They are such cool creatures!


I love that Owl and I just know he would love me to! Sweet of you to have a giveaway:)

Sandra Gonzales

Hoot! Hoot! Now that is one good looking owl!!


I want that cute huggable HOOT! Love him. Does it come with some of your awesome creative mojo?


I want that cute huggable HOOT! Love him. Does it come with some of your awesome creative mojo?

Lisa Thoms

Wow, so cute it's incredible! Love the owl!!!

Kari C.

The owl is simply adorable! Please enter my name in the drawing. I also love your little witchy doll. I look forward to seeing more of your blog. Thanks.


What a cutie. Hope he hoots for me!! Carol r

Kelli Lusk

I realy love the owls, they are so cute. I want to let you know that you are the reason I started blogging. You are an inspiration to me and best wishes.


Oh my. How could someone not love an owl. I would give it a very good home. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. Cheers.


That owl is fabulous!


Ohhhhhh It's SOOOOOOO (sew? LOL) cuuuuute.

Coralee G.

what a cutie! pick me! pick me!


what up! yAY! lots of comments... I guess the owl was a hit not a neener neener to the silly lady who said it was a bad idea!!!!!


DIBS!!!! It's all mine! Super cute owl, send him MY way!! :-)


I just found you over at crafty carnival...that owl is so darn cute!!! I would love to be in the drawing.


Awww!! I want! I want!! Count me in purdy please!!!


He is Adorable! I would love for him to be Mine:o)


He is too cute! Count me in please.

Jessica Hood

what a precious owl!!!

crafty carolinagirl

I love this owl, it is so cute. Your fabric choices are amazing.


Hootie Hoo <--that is owl for please pick Cindy's name! :O) It is too cute!

Tina Poulsen

OH wooow a cute owl :) I would be very proud and honored to show him off here ;) *hoping hoping hoping*


Nicole the owl is adorable as ever!

I also have to have the witchy poo pattern. Will be hopping over to check that one out! Love her!

Have a great day!


I saw Sharon's owl and they are sooooo adorable! Just like your Annies!


OH! He is just too cute for words! I would love to give him a good home!


Love your blog. Love your owl. And absolutely love your dolls!! Awesome. Awesome. Pick me!



Hi. I love the owl. Please put my name in the drawing. Its owlfully cute.


I'd love for that big eyed guy to fly home to me!


Oh my gosh, just when I think things cannot get any cuter.....WOW!!!!!!!!! Super cute these little ones are. PICK ME PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!


This guy is really cute. I'd love for him to build a nest in my craft room :) I think it's the big eyes or something. I can't help it...owls always remind me of Mr. X. Ya know from Mr. Rodger's neighborhood. I don't know why, but I loved that show as a kid. Anyway enough rambling. Thanks for another generous give away. It is nice.



oo ooo mee mee! i wanna chance to win the cute owl!!!
i think i should win by forfeit cuz i helped edge you on for the contest heehee!
Cute as ever! Keep up the good work!


Hi Nicole, the owl would be neat to win and keep my (2) Annies company. Waiting for just the right Annie to adopt next.


Hello Nicole! I can't believe someone said something unkind about your cute little owls! They are the sweetest babies! I would be honored to own one - maybe I've 'lost it' too, do ya think? LOL!!


WOW!! You are so just sooo creative girl, that's wonderful and just love those owls!! Hope I can win too - LOL


I love your owls! Pick me, pick me! LOL!


You can put my name in the hat! I think Mr. Owl would be quite happy living with me!! And about the grouchy person -- pfooohy on them!!


Love your owls! :)


Nicole - your owls are wonderful---I saw Sharon's in person at our wild sleepover party. I would love to win one!!! Mean people are.........well just mean! :-)!!

Mary Anne Drury

I think your owl is ADORABLE !!! LOVE IT !!

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