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August 28, 2007



Oh my gosh! Im glad you are all ok...well 'cept for your back...hope that is feeling better...but I had to laugh! Picturing your heads bobbling...LOL We have a dip like that hear...the 1st time or three I forgot about it and went over it Dukes of Hazzard style too! No more dips...except for ice cream dips!


Hey Nicole! I'm so sorry about your back- I hope you are exercising it to help it heal. Google back exercises. I've injured mine in dumb ways (but not as bad as yours! LOL!) in the past and the exercises made ALL the difference. Also, ahem, you really need to add my blog to your links. Really.


So I'm reading through the long list of blogs I check each morning - I've recently found this whole blogworld and love it. Your post is the first one that made me LOL. OMG. Too funny. Sorry you're suffering - I have an upper back pain that reoccurs from time to time from a car accident years and years ago, so I know what you mean about how much it stinks. Thanks for making me laugh, though. I'm sure everyone around me (I'm at work) thinks I'm insane just laughing away, alone in my office !

kara spencer

it is so amazing how quick this game is getting round it was started by a friend of mine, i think its so fun, great answers.


DIPS!!DIPS!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

girllll you sooo funny :) :) :)

i love you to death nicole.. but shoot girl..
:::Crossing my arms in front of me:::
I don't tell anyone my middle name!! LOL I dont think any of my friends KNOW LOL not playing ...
:::: stickin' my tongue out :::::

:) :) :)



And what are the odds, my middle name is Marie as well.

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