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July 16, 2007



I love those quilts!! I don't know how you could part with them, but I'd be interested in giving them a good home!
That owie toe makes me cringe - poor baby!
Those bags are really cute, too! You are a very talented girl.


So glad you rec'd the package okay! Hope you have loads and loads of fun with Missy!!!!


Don't sell the quilts! Well...I guess you can if you sell them to ME! ;)
hugs, Cheryl


Those two quilts are great. But then I can't pass up a great old quilt.
Bloody toe!! OUCH!! That must have hurt. Couldn't resist looking.
Packages looked so cute that you did with the bags.
And that pool........well need I say anything. Must be nice.


Ooh, that is such a tough decision. I think you should keep the 2nd one, and then if you decide it won't work in the guest room then you can sell it. Poor Christopher's toe! Ouch. Hope it heals fast.

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