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April 14, 2007



these dolls are beutifull


Hope you got some rest and everyone had a great time. I would love to win one of you dolls. What a great idea for a contest.


I hope its not too late to enter! LOL! Rosemary


happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mica Garbarino


Happy birthday to your sweet boy. Ten is a very good year! I love these "annies" as I was called growing up.


Your dolls are completely precious!! So glad I found your site :)


Diane Duda

Am I too late? Happy Birthday to your son! Mine turned 11 on the 16th. We are taking him to the zoo with some friends this weekend. Sounds like it might be a similar experience to what you had the other night. :)


Happy birthday to your son. Please enter me in the contest. Both dolls are really cute & sweet, especially the one on the left is speaking to me.

renae boudreaux

Wow Nice.I love them they remind me of you and Missy.One tall one shorter.I want the shorter one in pink.I already have the tall one .Hee hee.good luck with the picture business.And a great big shout out to Christopher for is birthday.Did you know if I was a boy that was going to be my name.So I got christine for my middle name instead.


I want I want I want! SO cute!

- Chelise

Beth Dasecke

wow your little dolls are just sooo cute please put me in the draw as well
Havbe a fab day and happy birthday to your Mr 10
Beth australia


Just love your lil annies. Keep up the creative work!


What an awesome Mother to make such beautiful dolls for your Sons Birthday. Wishing him a Happy Birthday from way over here!! Have totally loved watching your blog, and dolls. Please enter me too!! ;0)*


70!?? are you famous or something :)


I should come here more often! You are having so much fun :)
I want to enter too!
I am always your biggest fan and my girls would love to have another friend!
Besides that I hope you are doing well, your site looks great, and your dolls are ever & always charming!
Much love to you~


So cute! I would love to be entered in the drawing!!

Happy birthday to your son! :)


After making a few of your dolls myself, I would love to have one for ME that was made by the designer, herself!!! Oh, count me in!!!


Hi, I'd like to have this as a gift for my little sister. Please do pick me as your winner. Thanks!


My "baby" just turned ten on Sunday. Happy Birthday to your little guy!!
I would love to be entered in the drawing for one of your dollies. I loved my Annie when I was a little girl. I am planning a give-away soon. Come see me if you get a chance


What a winsome pair of wee sweeties! Happy birfday to your son, many happy returns of the day! Am definitely going to be subscribed to your blog now!




happy birthday to you prince!! these dolls are so SO cute!


Anyone can purchase a pattern but no one can make Annies like you! I tried my best but alas...there my wannabe Annie sits... knowing that she doesn't quite measure up to the gal in the picture...sad but true...

I would love an original and would give her a wonderful home! Pick me, pick me!


Wow! This is really cool. I can't believe I've never been over here before. I love your dolls. My mom collects Raggedy Ann and Andy's. They are cute as can be!


Id love in!! Your creations are fab, and this is very generous, Ive made dolls & know how time consuming they can be!:)


My son will be three on April 18th!
He's at that precious age where I wish I could stop time and remember all the cute things he does.

Happy Birthday to your son!



Whahoo!! its my daughters birthday too on the 19th .. Lets celebrate big ten and two!!Hope he has a cool slumber party. They grow up so fast! So happy birthday! have a great time and get rest mom for such a big party! your a brave women i dont think i could handle a slumber party! :)

Linda Harre

Nicole.....that is my son's Birthday also! Put my name in the hat....I think one of those cute little ladies need to come and visit my studio:)


This is the first time I've ever left a comment for any one, but I just found "Blogs" about one month ago and I'm addicted !! I'm also addicted to yout darling annies and hope to own one of these cuties !!


Happy Birthday!!! it's all uphill from here!!! The dollies are cute. Pick me, pick me, We love the one in PINK. Hope you have a great day!!!


Maria Kirby

Hi Nicole, just wanted to say that what you're doing is very nice. I hope you'll be rewarded tenfold someday. I'm sure these dolls will make someone very happy, I know I would be very happy with one. Also, enjoy every minute of your children's lives they grow up so quickly, I know, mine is in college now and I've often wonder "where has the time gone??". I miss her so much. She'll always be my little princes and what a great way to express that by sending her one of your little princess dolls. Well' Happy Birthday to your son and may he have many many more.


Oh...silly me forgot to say...Please tell your Son...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope his sleepover is AWESOME! I loved them when I was a kid, it was COOL makin' a mess, bein' LOUD, having all kinds of FUN food, watchin' a spooky movie, gigglin' and sending Mum mad (that was the best...tee hee) and chillin' out with friends...Oh boy, now I'm wishin' I could turn back time, what a HOOT we had!!



Hiya Nicole!

When I saw your Raggedies and read about your Son's sleepover it reminded me of a story...

A little boy found a doll in a street miles from his home during a War (I'm not sure which one), it was tattered and torn but having nothing else, not even a parent left, he took the doll and popped it in his coat pocket...He travelled all over surviving bombings and many other frightening things and finally came to be taken in by a very sweet elderly couple that couldn't bare to see this little boy in such a state...They had lost their precious Daughter in another War and found that taking in the little boy helped them to heal and gave him a good home to...One night when the elderly woman took the little boys coat to be washed she found his raggedy old doll inside the torn lining of the coat...Suddenly she became breathless, her face became red and her eyes welled up with her astonishment she found her Daughter's doll, the one she had made for her on her 12th birthday...She was carrying the doll when she died but they never found it when they found their Daughter...Now, here it was in her hands brought back to her after all these years, still with her name embroidered on the back of the doll's neck...The couple raised the little boy and he became a man of great belief and good values and a fierce advocate for children...They believed that their Daughter had sent him to them, that somehow she knew that they needed each other...The doll has been played with and loved by their family and needy children ever since...

Now, I don't know if this story is true but I like to think so...Imagine what a wonderful thing this doll did for the lives of this family...I don't know why your blog entry reminded me of it but it did so thought I would share...Maybe whoever wins your dolls will be able to share the story with their children...



Please put me in the hat too! Love your work and happy birthday to your little one!

carole crawford

as aways cute little girls... you are brave to have 10 boys at a party...clever about the tv's... happy birthday to your little one..


Hi Nicole!
Just correcting a typo I made yesterday. I wrote "Belated Happy Birthday" to your son. Waaaaaaaaah!!!!!!:((

Obviously, i was more focused on your "give away" dolls.
Bad Doe, bad Doe!

So here it is...

I wish your son the BEST 10th birthday EVER!


Gorgeous Annies! Happy Birthday All and please enter me in to the draw! My son is 10 too, it's a great age isn't it?


Sounds like the boys had a great time! That's the kind of party they'll remember forever.

Those dolls are so cute!


Happy birthday to your son! April is a big birthday month in our family too.Love your Annies and your patterns.Have seen you at the pleasanton show. Ginny

mary cray

Hi Nicole,
treasure every moment with the crazy loud sleepovers! My son just turned 18 and it seems like yesterday he was a baby in my arms. the give away dolls are darling!


I would love to win one of your dolls! Add my name to the drawing please. Wish the birthday boy a happy one for me!


As usual way to cute dolls. Happy Birthday to your son.


Hope your son has a wonderful 10th Birthday! Love your blog and love those dollies :) ~Gen


Happy Birthday to your Son!!!
My daughter is turning 10 on June 15!! We are giving her a Personalized tag necklace, and I would love to present it to her around the neck of your adorable Raggedy!!!! The doll would be a lasting keepsake of her 10th Birthday as well!! She loves your dolls, (as do I!) We look at your website all the time!!
Thank you,
and once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


These dolls are too cute!!! Happy b-day to your son from me!!! I would love to win one of these dolls to add to my collection. You're awesome for offering this drawing! Thanks!!! Cherise :)


Well Happy 10th Birthday to Christopher! How can he be 10 already? Anyhoo, please put my name in for the drawing Nicole. Hope to be one of the lucky winners to win one of your cutie patooties!


I do remember the birthday parties of my girls, Esther will be 26 on May 8th and Jessica celebrated last 2nd April her 21 !!!
Of course it is completly different of the boys celebrations...but rather stressing too!!!
So, this little cutes bring me back to the "sweet" times ...
Time flies!!


count me in. The doll would be a great thing to give to my 7 year old niece.

Kelli Lusk

Hi Nicole,
Let me just say what a nice thing to do and give these beautiful dolls away. My son is 6 and will be 7 in July. That is such a good idea setting up 2 tv's for the playstation and xbox. I hope your son has a wonderful birthday. I would love to be entered in the contest. If I win I will let my little girl who is 3 have the doll. She just loves princesses. Well good luck to everyone and you have a blessed day.
Kelli Lusk


How utterly beautiful both dollies are... I am sure one of them would love to find a home in sunny Queensland Australia. Happy birthday to your both boys as well.

amanda bel

Aww, happy birthday to your lil' slugger!!! And please, throw my name in the hat too! LOVE those sweet of you to do a giveaway!


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