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April 18, 2007



Happy Birthday Christopher!!!

I wish you all a great day!



congratulations to the 2 winners, you lucky duckies. :)


AkkkkkCCCCCCKKKK!!! Im sooooo spoiled!!! How exciting!!! You are so generous! Thanks so much, I will cherish this to peices for all the work youve done!! Yippee-doing the happy dance:)


Congratulations to the winners. Thanks for letting us play Nicole!!


Congrats to the two lucky ladies! Wish it were me, boohoo..........BIG THANKS to Nicole for holding this giveaway, you're an awesome lady. Will look forward to future giveaways, definitely! Thanks for sharing on Christopher's 10th birthday celebrations, sounds like he had a memorable one at that. He's one lucky boy indeed. Have a great day Nicole! Thanks again!


Ladies, isn't she amazing?! She's giving something "special" to 5 more? This is one of the reasons why we love Nicole! Very generous! We are so lucky! And we like to thank Christopher for sharing his special day with us! Many happy return, Christopher!

Congratulations to the winners! Lucky ladies!


Sounds like a great and happy day! Congrats also to the winners :) Thanks for all the fun, Nicole, and for sharing the big day with all of us!

Cheers, Sheree

Beth Dasecke

congrats on your win girls .The dolls are so cute
Have a fab day

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