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March 22, 2007


Monica Huete

Congratulations for your blog, your dolls are amazing, so cute ...


Oh girl, I feel for ya, Ive been ripped off for an idea many a time! Then they actually had the nerve to annouce I copied them(over a pear design)!!! Im mean many different shaped pears can one make????? Anyways...with the internet nothings safe- instantly stolen!!

Denise Wheeler

I am so sad about your designs being ripped off! That just makes me mad! With the copyright laws can you not do anything? I am so sorry you are going through this. I have ordered patterns from you in the past and loved them so much. I hate to think you will not be doing them anymore. I jujst found your blog and loved it. Keep up the good work... Denise


I am so happy because I finally decided to make an order, was pretty dificult to choose, but I canĀ“t wait to have the patterns and start working in one of this cutes, as you call them.
There is a question I would do, I was thinking about the better way to give my dolls a nice smelling, maybe vanilla, cinammon, orange...puting a little essence on the filling, what do you think? did you ever tried?


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