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March 22, 2007


Linda Harre

I am sorry that this happened to you! Several other of my blogging friends have had the same experience....or similar:( If you can gulp and take a deep breath....yours have soul and it shows even in the photo you posted here! I don't know if that makes sense, but it shows loud and clear!!!! copy is the highest form of flattery! Not that that makes it any better!


Thanks everyone for all your comments...good and bad. I just want to clarify that I NEVER said I created "raggedy ann". I have my own flair for my dolls...and this gal has just crossed the line by duplicating what "I" do. If you can't see that in the pictures, then I don't know how else to explain it. I posted it here on "MY" blog... and I didn't mention any names. I'm sorry if I upset anyone...but I have every reason to feel the way I do.


I agree annie has been around for a long time. Just the fact that you call it Raggedy annie means that you copied the original. I believe every crafter is inspired by other crafters and each crafter has their own style. From the colors and mediums they choose. In your case from the types of fabic and colors of hair, to the care and expertise you put into your dolls. You have made a presense with your dolls and your sweet ways. Don't spoil it by getting caught up in hating someone. Stay sweet and may God continue to bless you.

suzy snairc

nicole, you can only tell the difference of a pro...i can always spot yours a mile away...dont worry, and dont let her get you down!! keep sewing!! who is she is she the one on ebay????? curses!!!!


The fact of the matter is that there are many artists who do the same thing as you. Your work is unique to you the same as their work is unique to them. People buy from the one whom they seem to identify with. If real duplication has occured then deal with it in court, but it has got to be a seriously strong case or they will throw it out. Primitive Raggedy Ann dolls were here long before you were creating dolls. Fact of the matter is many of your designs fringe on other peoples designs as well. Art involves constant change and adaptation. Unless this person has truly crossed the line the best thing to do is continue to grow and dont look to the right or the left.


Nicole! You Are Being VERY Reasonable here!~ I think youve Givin this Chickie WAY MORE Chances Than she Deserved! She Took Advantage of your Wonderful Personality, which is to be HElpful and Kind.And Turned around and Stabbed ya in the back!She Obviously isnt taking you Seriously When you Told her to Please Stop USing YOur © patterns . Which makes me Worry. She has no CONCIENCE! How Close Does this Weirdo Live by you? Kinda gives me the heebie jeebies!
WE love you! Dont Stop Doing What YOU DO THE BEST! I mean IT! t


Well, to my mind, there's a whopping difference between coming up with a similar doll, and riding someone else's coat tails. When someone is constantly pre-occupied with an artist's work and designs, and has no confidence to deviate from said artist's style, that someone needs to get: (A) Their own style, and (B) Their own life.
And if that pisses anyone off, well, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a d**n!"
Love ya Nicole!


Yes Melissa....I hate to break it to you, but you're not the one to break it to me...I am fully aware of the history of Raggedy Ann. It's really not about her or me making a Raggedy's about her emulating my style of my dolls. But thanks for the link, I am sure many of my readers will enjoy reading about the history of Raggedy Ann as they collect many different types of dolls.


I agree with the above statement. Your work is good but really, there are just so many talented doll artists out there that make the same thing as you do, and they were doing it before you and will do it after. I agree that you need to believe that your work is awesome and let the rest roll off your back. Raggedy Ann has been around a long while and will continue to be.


I hate to have to be the one to tell you this, "but" Raggedy Ann was created in 1918 by an author named Johnny Gruelle. If you take a look at some of the patented originals, you could say there are many similarities in your "designs."
For you to profit from selling your patterns, and then complain about usage is outrageous, you should be ashamed. You cannot monopolize the doll making industry. Large corporate companies never leak out recipe's/designs, much less sell them for profit and then cry, "why is this happening to me?"
Have some confidence in yourself, and know that there will always be competition in the business world. There is no point in whinning about it, deal with it gracefully.
For more information on the creation of the "original" Raggedy doll, please go to


Missy, is this the gal on ebay? because there is a gal on ebay copying your dolls too, and selling patterns. You should get her thrown off ebay and get an attorney to send a letter. Your patterns are copyrighted, right? Sorry this happened to you. This is the reason i stopped doing original dolls on Ranting raven. Saw them all over the net the next month :( Rosemary

Jessica Jean

There is nothing new under the sun. I am sure that you have been accused of stealing Raggedy Ann designs before. Dolls have been made from the beginning of time. Exact duplication is wrong. All dolls have similarity though and primitive Ann dolls can only be so diferent from the next. Your art will speak for itself and so will the work of the other artist. To each his own.


I look at "that seller's" dolls and she just doesn't have it, you know? They're not even a close match to yours. Like Melissa stated, be flattered and I hope this one bad apple doesn't ruin it for the rest of us who are grateful and thankful for you sharing your adorable pattern with us. Your creations stand out on their own and all us Raggedy Old Annies faithfuls know a real McCoy when we see one!


So sorry for the pain you must feel about the "copying girl", but I am totally agree with the other comments, there is no color!!! I love your dolls from the first sec I found them, I can tell they have something special that the "others" don´t. So, go with Sam and have, not one, maybe two margaritas and cheer up!!!


Missy Ballance

I agree with all of it... but espeically the margaritas... I'm a sucker for tequilla... and she's a mean ole bat for copying my bff.... she's lucky I don't have the guts to leave mean comments on her blog! Cause I think about it! LOL!...


I agree that anyone could spot your dolls in a sec!!!! They are a hundred million trillion times better!!!!!!! I don't blame you for venting!!! buttttt some people are creative and some are NOT so they have to steal from others!!! YOU ARE THE ORIGINAL!!!!! Remember your dolls have a wonderfulness about them that no one can copy!!!!!!


I just wanted to tell you that even though the dolls are very, very similar I could tell yours in a minute. she is much softer and sweeter looking. I think your style really shines through. sometimes the basic design of something is easy for someone to copy but there is no substitute for the "artistry" if you know what I mean.


oh thanks girls!!!!
Sandy...if I had a margarita...I'd have to sleep have room?
Dawn...that is HORRIBLE! I'd NEVER use that print shop again!!!! I think that's worse than mine!
Melissa...I understand what you are saying...but with's gone too far than just flattery...she even tags her dolls the EXACT same way I do..which I'm sure she saw at a show I did where she was there (and in my booth ALOT). It's nothing spectacular...and alot of us do it..but combine it with the exact dolls of mine...and it makes you wonder who she's trying to fool! Moving on!
Thanks for reading!!!!


awwww sugar.. hang in there.. we all know who created these lovelies first :)
here...come over and sip margarita's with me..and lets giggle away the afternoon!! :)


I had something similar..not as big as this is for you...but it was enough for me to understand your feelings...
Twenty three years ago I designed my Christmas card with a drawing of my five little kids and took it to a local printer to have the cards done...
Imagine my dismay when a friend of mine mentioned seeing boxes of cards for sale at the print shop with my design.


I know it's difficult but I think you should be flattered (in a strange kind of way) by her imitation. However, I can appreciate how annoying this is, someone pinching all your lovley creative ideas. Please don't let her put you off designing your patterns for ever, as im sure I speak for many when I say how much pleasure creating your designs gives me - and my family and friends who like to "borrow" the dolls as soon as I have finished them !
Keep smiling, best wishes, Melissa

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