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March 09, 2007


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Thank you so much. my grandma passed away and for Easter I am making each one of my 6 sibling one out of my grandmothers old clothes as a gift for them for easter! Thank you thank you! They are so CUTE! LOVE 'EM!!!

קורס קעקועים

WOW ... Amazing post. They are so adorable! Thank you very much for the free pattern! Will certainly make up for Easter!

Account Deleted

These are so cute!! >___< thanks for sharing the pattern!

rchelle christiansen

thanks so much!! my raggedy annie patterns are my favorite. im still a little partial to little miss butter since we have a lot in common!


Thank you so much for the darling bunnies.
Happy Easter


These are just adorable...thanks for sharing your pattern. I have put a link to you on my freebies blog if that's okay...Khris

photoshop restoration and retouching

Simply stunning! I just love the soft colors and the beautifully colored patterns!


my 9 year old DD and I made one of your bunnies, but modified it a bit, no painting and no bloomers :) thanks for a great free pattern!


These are very sweet.


This pattern goes great with the book "Knuffle Bunny". It will make a great Easter Gift! Thank You. May God continue to bless your creativity!

Marilyn Schmidt

Thank you for your HARD WORK. I hope to try making it. Marilyn


São lindos! Obrigada!

Julie M Simons

Thanks for the darling bunny pattern! It is so creative and original. Thanks for sharing!


I just found your blog and then saw your store. I love your patterns. Do you think you will ever combine them all on one CD and sell them that way?

Keep up the cretivity!


Your bunny's look so adorable! They look so soft & cuddly! We are in the process of moving, but when I get into the mood of sewing again, I'd like to try to make one!


This patters is so sweet I just had to try it. I finished the doll and will be giving it to my Aunt Emmilita who is currently in a nursing home.

I would like to send you a picture of my finished doll but don't know how. Please email me with the directions so that you can see it for yourself.
Thank you for the free pattern!!!


Thank you for the pattern. The bunny is so cute! I'm a newbie sewer but I will try the pattern.


You girls are so talented. Thanks for sharing. :)

Monica Huete

Thank you for this lovely pattern. I was looking for a rabbit one but couldn't find anything interesting. Yours is so cute.
Thank you,




Thanks so much for such a nice present, I would like to be able to finish one of them al least for the Easter!!



Wendy~Simply Cute Crafts

Your bunny pattern is just the cutest thing ever!
Thanks for sharing.....I'm making one for my daughter for Easter, she's only 6 and has her own collection of Prims going! LOL
I just have to say it makes me soooo ANGRY when other crafters can't seem to come up with anything original of their own, but have to copy and claim someone else's work as their very own!
I hope they feel Very Guilty for what they are doing!! :(
Keep up the AWESOME ROCK!

Moreno Valley

Missy Ballance

wow... not even another post and someone is already burning you! That's right folks... some dumb broad has this doll for sale on ebay even tho it clearly states that the finished product is not to be resold! Is she gonna ruin it for the whole bunch! I'd out her but I don't want to give her the publicity!
I'm sorry friend :(


so cute and simple to sew!

I put a link in my blog

antonella from Italy


Thank you so much for sharing your pattern of these adorable bunnies!!!
Yours turned out too stinkin' cute!!!!


They are so adorable! Thankyou so much for the free pattern!Definitely will be making them up for easter!



Hey, Nicole! I hear that you are gonna help me get Missy to do the three day in San Diego. Yay! Now what do I need to do to get you to come out too?...;)


Hey, Nicole! I hear that you are gonna help me get Missy to do the three day in San Diego. Yay! Now what do I need to do to get you to come out too?...;)

Jenny (The Polka Dot Pixie)

Oh my goodness! These are too cute for words!!!! I can't sew to save my life but I might try with a pattern this cute! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!


How Adorable ~ The cutest Little Bunnies for Easter & Spring......


These are super fabulous!!!!!!!!


Wow! So adorable! Thanks for the free pattern!


Oh my GOODNESS...thank you thank you thank you thank you!! Doing the happy dance here:) Definitely going to give this a try!!

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