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January 21, 2007


jenny holiday

Love your Annies to bits!! Just saw the pink/tan blonde one on Karis' blog! Soooo cute!! Oh I may need a custom one from you!!! Possible?

Your class sounds so great! Yeah...It would be a total riot being back in school! It would feel like a tv show or something!

Have fun!!

xoxo Jenny


That photography class sounds Great!
I know what you mean by being a little freaked-out. I was the same way when I took a computer class last semester.
You will do just fine. :)
You Go Girl!!

Jenny H

Oh my goodness! Annie LOVE! Those sweet little dolls have so much personality!!!


Hi Nicole..
Gosh girl...dont'll be FINE!!
you are a smart cookie..and I have complete faith in you :)
let me know how your first days goes..I'll be thinkin' of you..and Im PROUD of you for doing this.. :)


Love these Annie's! That photography class sounds like so much fun. Can't wait for you to share your work.

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