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January 08, 2007



I got my little pink lady today and absolutely ADORE her!!!!! Thank you so very, very much:)


i cannot live without my recording device that i get from road runner, for 9.00 a month. it is with cable t.v. and i would not live without it. i am computer stupid, and it is the easiest possible thing on the planet, and on friday nite when nothing is on t.v., you have all the best shows to watch that youv've taped all if you can go to cable this service only costs 9.00 a month, and you dont have to buy extra junk.....where did you see pam garrison, i missed that show...


YOu've been tagged!!!!!! YAY! how fun!


I LOVE those dollies with the cotton candy pink hair. Hope you post them on your site for sale:)Darling!!


Awww... you are so sweet! I can't wait to get my dolly... I think I know just the perfect place for her!!! Thanks a gabillion! (which is a lot more than a million! LOL) Gotta get back to makin bears... 6 days til bear show and countin!

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